Tap into your hidden strength, flexibility, and performance.
In three steps:


Whether you are experiencing pain, struggling with a yoga pose, want a higher level of sport performance or anything in between, the Continuum Method three-step process can help.

Where are you on the continuum?

Many times injuries and pain are actually caused by muscle imbalances and NOT the endless list of commonly blamed: Overuse, age, incorrect exercise form, wrong shoe wear, sleeping “wrong”, etc.

Our team will first check for imbalances, correct them immediately and follow up with exercise or movements challenging your body to ensure you’re on your path to success. Learn More >

At TCM, we can find hidden strength, flexibility, stability and balance so that you receive all the benefits of your exercise without the guesswork, inefficiencies and risk.

Anything from walking programs, yoga, pilates, group classes to CrossFit, experience immediate feedback of your exercise effectiveness, receive the ultimate in program design, and change your definition of recovery. Learn More >

Our team of exercise scientists can deliver immediate changes in muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and stability with little to no homework.

During this process we objectively gather information helping determine the intensity, frequency and duration of training and practice sessions. Learn More >

Is the Continuum Method right for you?