TURN ON. Muscle Activation Techniques


Muscle on. The prerequisite for a healthy life.

MAT recognizes that muscle stress, trauma, overuse and inflammation can alter the communication between the nervous system and the muscle system. This altered communication is what creates neurological weaknesses. In these situations, muscles lose their ability to contract efficiently, which means they can no longer contract on demand in order to stabilize joints and protect the body from injury. From an MAT perspective we would consider these muscles to be inhibited or OFF.

The goal of MAT is to activate inhibited muscles through muscle-specific isometrics or manual stimulation targeted at the insertion points where muscle attaches to bone in order to turn these muscles ON. Once inhibited muscles are activated, they contract more efficiently, enabling the muscles to withstand greater amounts of external force which allows the muscles to protect the body from pain or injury.

When we see neurological weaknesses, we consider them communication issues rather than strength issues. The goal of an MAT assessment is to identify positions where a muscle cannot contract on demand and/or sustain a contraction for a specific amount of time. Therefore, the unique muscle testing assessments in MAT are not designed to evaluate the strength of muscles, but rather a muscles ability to contract on demand and sustain contractions.


Not a shot in the dark.

Exercise should build you up. All too often it wears you down. Most exercise plans designate weights, repetitions and sets based on nothing to do with your body or its needs. They are shots in the dark. As MAT experts, we know that misguided exercise plans shut off weaker muscles which causes reinjury or strain. Our exercise plans are based on actual neuromuscular data. This data guides us in assessing exercise programs which are generative and do not create trauma and injury. Furthermore, we can test your muscles before and after workouts to make sure your plan works in alignment with your body. This process offers immediate results—greater range of movement, speed and agility.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Our pilates classes, whether single, duo or group class (online available) will provide attentive supervision during an intense full body workout that also is specific to each individual through the continuum. Correcting muscular imbalances while monitoring your body’s feedback during your specialized class ensures optimal results in strength and range of motion. Come find out what it’s like to reach your full potential.

Personal Training

We use client-specific data gleaned from MAT assessments to create workout regimens focused on strengthening muscular imbalances unique to your body. This differs from traditional methods, which treats each body the same way—commonly overworking muscles and creating inflammatory responses that put your body at risk. By understanding where you are on the continuum, we ensure increased health, mobility, and performance.