Here at The Continuum Method, we specialize in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to focus on improving the capability of muscle function and the muscle’s ability to contract optimally. This Continuum method of check, correct, and challenging the muscles taps into hidden muscle strength as well as increasing range of motion. We have proven this method solves previously existing problems and provides a more permanent solution.


Our pilates classes, whether you want single, duo or group class will provide attentive supervision during an intense full body workout that also is specific to each individual through the continuum. Correcting muscular imbalances while monitoring your body’s feedback during your specialized class ensures optimal results in strength and range of motion. Come find out what it’s like to reach your full potential.

Personal Training

Using client specific workout regimens, we focus on strengthening muscular imbalances to ensure the result of your exercise training is beneficial to you. This differs from traditional methods, which commonly overwork the body causing inflammatory responses that put your body at risk. By understanding where you are on the continuum, we ensure increased health, mobility, and performance.