Sport Performance

We Know Athletes

Eric Ferguson has worked with collegiate and professional athletes for over 20 years and has personally trained his staff to do the same. Our exercise scientists assist healthy athletes by improving their performances, and help injured players return to sports faster than traditional methods.

Rudy Gay | San Antonio Spurs

Abdel Nader | Oklahoma City Thunder

Our Athletes

Lance Armstrong, Olympian/Cyclist
Rudy Gay, NBA
Wilson Chandler, NBA
Tyrus Thomas, NBA
Danny Green, NBA
Abdel Nader, NBA
Tyler Herro, NBA
PJ Washington, NBA
Quinton Chievous, NBA G League
Dillon Peters, MLB
Travis Snider, MLB
Justin Klipp, MLB
Jake Jacobs, NFL
Christo Van Rensburg, Olympic Tennis Player & Grand Slam Champion
Roger Montgomery, Former Euroleague Basketball and Current RocNation Sports VP

Improving Performance
How many weeks or months does it take to increase your vertical leap, MPH on baseball pitch, golf swing or tennis serve?

At The Continuum Method, we have seen these numbers improve in as little as ONE day. These changes will last and even continue over multiple sessions until peaked with no homework needed by the athlete. We do this NOT by treating pain or teaching better “form” but by immediately tapping into hidden mobility, stability and strength athletes did not know they have.

Recovering from Injuries
In general, injuries from sport can be categorized into “contact” and “non-contact” injuries. By using our method, non-contact injuries do NOT have to exist in sport. Pulling a hamstring while running, straining a muscle when throwing or hitting a ball, or injuring an area from exercise are just a few examples that are preventable with the help of our exercise scientists.

Exercise injuries are NOT caused by incorrect form or by an “unsafe” exercise. These and other non-contact injuries are caused by preexisting muscle imbalances that are difficult to see or feel. Check for them, correct them, and then challenge them.