We Correct Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries and pain are often a common part of life, activity and sport. More often than not, this does not have to be the case.
Many times, muscle imbalances are actually the root cause of injury, and not the more typical explanations.

For example: “overuse from too much running, not enough stretching, the wrong form during exercise or sport, an old mattress or pair of shoes” are all popular theories to explain injury, but often fail to identify the true source of pain.

These theories are often the trigger for pain, not the actual cause. Simply avoiding the trigger by purchasing new shoes, stretching daily without end, changing exercise form or running less will certainly help us but causal imbalances remain until properly corrected.

First, we’ll check your body for muscle imbalances.
Then, we’ll immediately focus on correcting the imbalances.
By challenging your muscular performance, we’ll prove, reinforce, and increase your exercise tolerance.
For the first two steps of the Continuum Method, we use a series of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) that enables us to determine the integrity of the muscles “electrical” system. When communication between the brain and muscles become impaired, the muscles ability to contract on command is disrupted.

Our initial goal – using MAT methodology – is to discern whether the muscle has the appropriate neurological input necessary to perform its intended function. Lacking the appropriate input will prohibit the muscle from executing its expected role, which leads to vulnerability.

Ultimately, if the communication between the muscle and brain is interrupted, it leads to some or all of the following: muscle tightness, malalignment, unstable joints, inflammation and eventually pain and injury.