Our Exercise Scientists Can Help

What if there was a way to immediately determine if your exercise was helping you or putting you at risk for future injury? What if there was a way to speed up your progress and push yourself harder without waiting weeks to see change?

Typically, a considerable amount of guesswork is involved in exercise program design, movement choices, how much recovery is needed, how much “warm up” to do, and so on.

The advice to simply “listen to your body” is fine… but what happens when communication between the brain and muscle is missing, so we can’t “hear” anything from that area? This is called muscular inhibition and is a significant cause of limited performance, restricted movement, and more.

This is why our three-step process to check for muscle imbalances, correct them and challenge them is so powerful. Our tailor-made programs have no guess work and gives you the power to challenge yourself with immediate feedback of its effectiveness and minimal-to-no “recovery” needed.