Jessica Gore

lead exercise scientist

With a Health and Fitness degree from TCU – and multiple certifications from Cooper Institute, TELOS Fitness Center, and NASM – Jessica Gore has been an exercise scientist since 2004.

Jessica has worked with MAT specialists and other exercise scientists for over 8 years and is very familiar with proper program design. She will work closely with your MAT specialist to make tweaks and adjustments to your exercise program as you progress along in your MAT sessions.


Ortho-Kinetics Trainer, 2012
Cooper Institute Physical Fitness Specialist, 2004
Cooper Institute Biomechanics Specialist, 2007
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Level I and Level II, 2005
TELOS Higher Education Courses in Advanced Biomechanics, Performance Training, and Program Design, 2008
MAT Jumpstart Isometrics Course, 2009

Jessica has done an excellent job in helping me strengthen my body. She watches every move I make and corrects my alignment throughout the exercise. She coordinates with MAT and understands my body weaknesses to help strengthen those specific areas.